Celebrity Tape Collection

Celebrity Tape Collection

  • $12.99

We promised that Vixxen was the best friend you never knew you needed and now she shows you why! This gal about town has uncovered the red carpet secret weapon of celebrity stylists that eliminates every woman’s dressing dilemma from the dreaded nip slip to a wayward hem.

Why you need it?

You'll never leave home without this emergency girl's best friend ever again. Our fab Vixxen Celebrity Tape is easy to carry in your handbag for that fashion emergency. These clever, clear double-sided sticky strips will secure you modestly in deep plunging clothing, and strapless tops, plus are perfect for shoulder pads, halter tops, cuffs, hems, scarves and bra straps.

Our fab Vixxen Celebrity Tape Collection can be cut to suit your specific needs and includes 22 Clear Double Sided Sticky Strips with five unique shapes:

+ Trapezoid Shapes (4 pieces) – secure the sides of strapless styles. 
+ Curves (4 pieces) – secure the front of strapless styles.
+ Wide Stripes (6 pieces) – secure heavier fabrics. 
+ Skinny Strips (4 pieces) – secure spaghetti straps.
+ Original Strips (4 pieces) – celebrity tape.

How it works?

To apply, clean and dry your skin, remove backing and press firmly to skin or fabric. Remove remaining backing and press firmly to secure. Stick and go!
To remove, simply peel of skin or clothing gently – leaves no marks when removed.

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